First Review for Permille

Permille gets a great review from Neil Young's Film Lounge (Tribune Magazine UK). Four star review:

"No such problems with what was, pound-for-pound, the most satisfying local production I saw in Reykjavik – the 14-minute short, Permille (Prómill) by writer-director Marteinn Thórsson (proper Icelandic transliteration: Þórsson). It features Undercurrent supporting player Ólafur Darri Ólafsson very much front-and-centre as Eirik, a hallucination-prone, booze-addled Reykjavik party-boy slumping drunkenly towards middle-age. The bottle is Eirik’s way of dealing with what the film describes as “the shitty state of the country” – and Þórsson could have found plentiful real-life inspirations on the city’s streets, especially after dark.
According to Þórsson, “the flick was shot on a lark last May as part of an experiment to utilise the Canon 1D and 5D cameras in feature filmmaking.” If so, this larkish experiment must be counted a notable success, as Permille deploys an uncompromisingly scuzzy aesthetic to take us right into the woozy, paranoid delusions of its protagonist. The results are deliberately nightmarish and unpleasant in a manner that’s first grating, then stimulating and finally, thanks to a daringly abrupt denouement, audaciously jarring.
Far from being some greenhorn neophyte, the fortyish Þórsson already has one feature to his name – 2004′s One Point O (aka Paranoia 1.0), featuring cult favourites Udo Kier, Lance Henriksen and Deborah Kara Unger. Permille suggests that his upcoming feature Stormland is worth keeping a weather-eye out for in 2011 - and that Iceland’s hardy cinema culture won’t let minor matters like ash-clouds and international financial crises drag it down."

Permille : [****/5] : aka Prómill : Iceland 2010 : Marteinn Þórsson : 14m approx : seen on DVD, 2nd October in festival videoroom : {12/13}
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