Concept Drawing for UNA by art director Solrun Ósk


Una (Recurrence), a supernatural thriller written by Óttar M. Nordfjörd and Marteinn Thorsson and directed by Thorsson, has been awarded a 110 million ISK production grant (approx 1.1 million USD) from The Icelandic Film Centre (film is budgeted at 2.5 million USD/2.2 million EUR). The thriller marks a return for Thorsson to genre filmmaking, his first being the sci-fi One Point O (1.0), which premiered in competition at Sundance, 2004. Una was initially developed by Tenderlee but delegate producing duties are now handled by Gudrun Edda Thorhannesdóttir of DUO productions with Marteinn Thorsson as co-producer (ISL), as well as Gunnar Carlsson of Anagram (SWE) and Christian Riffard of Frozen Frogs (FRA). The Yellow Affair (SWE/FIN) is in charge of  global sales (excluding Iceland). Casting and other prep for the genre pic will start in late May.

The project has also been selected for the Focus Asia co-pro market at the Far East film festival in Udine (April 24-27, 2018).

Hveragerdi, 3 December 2014

UNA, a supernatural thriller penned by Ottar Nordfjörd, has just been awarded round three screenwriting grant from The Icelandic Film Centre, placing it in a very good position for a production grant next year.

Story is about a young woman, UNA, who starts getting clues about the whereabouts of her son who disappeared over a year ago and soon she realizes her life might be in danger from the events of the past.

Marteinn Thorsson and Gudmundur Oskarsson are producing the thriller and Thorsson says they’re looking for co-producers in Iceland and abroad.

Film is budgeted around 1 million EUR.

Thorsson’s usual, intense auditioning process starts in December.

Una Test Shoot

Una Test Shoot

The Icelandic Film Centre has awarded Tenderlee MPC Phase 1 script grants for Gudmundur Óskarsson’s Take 2 and Ottar Nordfjörd’s Una. Both are set to be helmed by Marteinn Thorsson. The former is a romantic comedy about a burnt-out  football (soccer) star  who returns to his roots in a small town in Iceland only to discover that his old flame, the local beauty queen,  has also moved back. The latter is a suspense/horror tale of a young woman who insists her allegedly dead son is very much alive.